Pet-Friendly Amenities

Blue Ridge Companies' Pet-Friendly Amenities

Pet-Friendly Amenities

You’re looking for a new apartment home and want to make sure it’s perfect for you and your four-legged  family members. Most Blue Ridge Companies apartment communities are pet-friendly, although some have breed and size restrictions. But just allowing pets isn’t necessarily enough. Many apartment communities offer pet-friendly amenities. Here are some things Blue Ridge Companies offers.

Pet parks are a popular perk for residents with dogs. They give your pooch a place to play leash-free and meet other neighborhood dogs. Many of Blue Ridge Companies’ pet parks have agility equipment so your furry friend can play and stay in shape.

Forgot your bag to clean up pet waste? We’ve got you covered! Blue Ridge Companies communities have waste centers at the pet park so you can easily pick up after your pooch.

Pet wash centers are also popular. Some of our pet wash stations are indoors while others are outdoors. Rather than give your pet a bath in your apartment bathtub, the pet wash station offers a place for pet pampering with moveable shower heads and large tubs to clean your pup.

Some of our communities even offer special treadmills to keep your pet in shape when you can’t take a walk.

Looking for pet-friendly amenities in a Blue Ridge Companies community is easy. Check out the amenities page on any of our websites for more information or give our communities a call!

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